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  1. Rising prices are affecting the ministries of United Methodists, especially rural multi-point charges. Pastors also are finding the buying power of their paychecks shrinking.
  2. Even as United Methodist conferences deal with mounting church exits and disagreements over LGBTQ inclusion, they are bearing a shared witness on gun violence. And they are urging actions beyond thoughts and prayers.
  3. Participants laud the church’s acceptance of all people, regardless of tribal affiliation.
  4. The property will be used by the United Methodist University’s Graduate School of Professional Studies.
  5. Nearly half of people who took a survey about attitudes about Jesus and Christianity said believers are giving and loving. But a significant minority say they’re hypocritical and judgmental. United Methodist professors and pastors offer thoughts on the poll results.
  6. A judge has given partial approval to the Boy Scouts of America’s sex abuse-related bankruptcy reorganization, including a $30 million United Methodist contribution to a fund for abuse survivors. United Methodist congregations have long been partners of the BSA.
  7. July 13-15, Tupelo, Mississippi
  8. United Methodist involvement started in a tiny village with a small number of faithful, said Bishop Mande Muyombo, and now Eastern Congo has more than a million members.
  9. Church holds forum on abortion ahead of big vote; Conference responding to deadly floods; Top stories from the week
  10. Ahead of a vote on an amendment to the Kansas state constitution, the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection took on one of the most divisive issues in its state and the United States at large in a town hall on faith and abortion.
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